Monday, October 24, 2011

Dexter: Season 6 The Doomsday Killers

Are you a fan of Dexter?
I'm a big fan, but this year I'm seriously freaked out by these killers.
Mixing religion with murder is thought provoking, but is it fair?  I'm aware of how "Hollywood" feels about religion, in their "don't judge me" and "do it if it feels good" society, anything like religious thought would naturally make them feel uneasy. I'm anxious about how they will treat this.
The killer is obviously insane, but will his religious use of the old testament be used as the reason for his insanity? Hopefully his full personality will unfold through the season and this is not just another jab at Christianity.
And really, letting Batista and Quinn smoke a joint while on duty, as much as you push legalizing marijuana, not cool.  Not cool at all.

Don't make me mad, Dex writers.
You won't like me when I'm mad....

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