Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day Three - New Hampshire

Today started with a trip by bus to New Hampshire. Finally some absolutely gorgeous colors throughout the hills.  Reds, browns, oranges, yellow, lime green, and every neon color in between! We stopped at one of the covered bridges which run throughout the state, the Albany bridge.   A totally wooden, old (built in 1858), truss  bridge across a river, 120 feet long.  It was raining on and off, but it was well worth the stop. 

 After a brief stop to take a look at a famous (expensive) Hotel Mount Washington from afar, we were off to the actual Mount Washington.  Mount Washington is known for having the worst weather in North America.  We had a mist and about 60 degrees at the base of the mountain, and then rode the Cog Railway to the top, where the wind was whipping very hard and the weather was about 22 degrees after factoring in the wind.  It was cold as HELL! 

The cog railway was began in 1866 and used to be steam powered using coal.  Now it is biodiesel powered and is climbs to the peak at about 6,288 feet.  It was a steep climb, but the ride down was even scarier!  My feet were dangling down from the seat at some point.  And noisy!! Yikes!  We were exhausted after the ride, cold and wind whipped, but it was an interesting visit. 
We then traveled back to North Conway, New Hampshire for the night at a beautiful ski lodge, the Attitash Grand Summit Hotel.  This is a treat - a nice quality place - and free Internet! Whoopie!
We had a great day, but it was tiring!  Another train tomorrow, a visit to a maple syrup farm, another covered bridge, and landing in Vermont for the night.  Can't wait!

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