Monday, October 31, 2011

A beautiful wedding...

We traveled to Fort Worth this weekend for our niece's wedding, Emily Schwencke and Aaron Seamster.  What a great time we had!  Friday was a travel day, leaving home around 11:00 am and taking our time getting up there.  The ride was beautiful, we took the long way around so that we could enjoy the countryside, traveling through some gorgeous ranch areas, lots of cattle, longhorns, and then into horse country up toward Fort Worth.  Texas has so many different cultures, doesn't it?
That evening, after we checked in (where a nice little welcome gift was waiting for us from the wedding couple), met up with Colleen, Jeff and KT, we attended a little pre-wedding party at the Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth.  It's in an old building right in the downtown area. Lots of Aaron and Emily's friends and family were there enjoying the happiness of the fun couple.

On Saturday morning we traveled to the Fort Worth Stockyards since we had not been there before.  I have to hand it to Fort Worth, they've taken great advantage of their history and have created quite a nice area there for tourism.  We toured the Cowboy Hall of Fame, the large shopping area, photographed the longhorn cattle drive through town that they have there twice a day, and then had lunch when the Koenig's joined us at about 1pm.
John and I are really impressed with Fort Worth - we can tell why Emily and Aaron like it there.
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Seamster and Sarah Schumate (the bride's sister)

The wedding was absolutely beautiful, you can just feel the love that these two have for each other.  The bridesmaids were in red and the bride carried a gorgeous fall arrangement.  We had a nice meal and then enjoyed watching the dancing!  They sure picked some great music, KT was just having herself a grand time on the dance floor!
 I never knew how much she enjoyed dancing, but we'll have to make sure she gets to dance more in the future.  She was enjoying being a part of the action!
The couple is off to Canada for their honeymoon.  I wish I had taken our big camera with us to the wedding, the few shots I got were taken with my little Cannon power shot, which is a handy little camera, but not nearly as good.  
Great job on the wedding, Mike and Kathy -- now rest a few days! 

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