Sunday, August 14, 2011

Update on the pavilion...

 We've been working hard out on the pavilion to put in the bar and I think John's done such a great job on it.

We've also put up a couple of TVs up off the floor, hanging from the rafters, one in front of the bar and one over on the front side so we can see it from the table.

The bar after it was stained.  John's put on one coat so far.  Down at the bottom where there's some paper and blue tape is the rock work foot rest.

These are going to be the lights that will hang down over the bar.  We thought the hanger looked like an "f"...what do you think?  We're going to replace the light colored shade with the brown one sitting by it.

Close up of the front of the bar.  I'm going to be shopping for something to put up on the middle there....not sure what yet.

The TV in front of the bar.

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