Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Movie Review --- Cowboy's and Aliens

Oh, you know, 
I was really going into this hoping that this would finally be the big blockbuster movie of the summer that I've been waiting for.  I wanted to be awed, and in love with this movie, because the whole idea of this is right up my alley.  Cowboys.  Aliens.  Wiz bang!!

But unfortunately I wasn't blown away.  First, I think this movie suffered from some truly bad casting.  Harrison Ford brought the same character to this role that he's played in the last few movies - the curmudgeonly old bastard who barks at everyone.  This might have been played so much better by a Robert Duval or someone like that.  Harrison - not so much. Daniel Craig did okay, but John thought a Chris Pine might have done a better job there. Were they going for full on drama, or comedy, or campy-ness?  Because they didn't hit the mark in any area.
I was getting it up until the whole episode with the Indians and the girl reappearing from the fire.  Really?  Really?
The aliens were pretty good, although they reminded me of the same aliens from Super 8 earlier this summer, with the addition of some hands that pop out of their chests.

I give it a 6/10 and John says 5/10. Ho hum.  

It was amusing enough, so if you just want to wile away a couple of hours, I say go see it because you know - it's in air conditioning!  But it's not going to be the highlight of the summer.

Now, what movie is still coming up that will save the summer?


  1. I don't find Cowboys & Aliens that entertaining. The movie suffered from bad casting. Harrison Ford failed to deliver but Daniel Craig was fine. I like Aliens in the movie. This is a onetime watch movie. I will give it 6 out of 10. Thanks for the review.