Thursday, August 25, 2011

Danny in summer, 1954

Here's a picture I found of Danny at 5 months old.  The back of the picture says "Danny 5 months, Summer - 1954" 
Mom is barely visible in the edge of the photo.  Mom had a difficult time during Danny's birth, I was always told that the priest had even given her last rites, they were that afraid for her.  She had to wear a back brace for months after that, and occasionally during the years after. She loved him so much, in part because of this, I'm sure, and in part because he was such a cute kid, so full of mischief!  
Pat, Mike, Danny and Mom


  1. I love this photo! :) All three of y'all look so happy. And Grandma too.

    Wish we would of gotten that story in writing. Maybe something to think about, Mom. Take a recorder in with you on your trips to see Grandma. And ask her about one story. And see what she comes up with. Something fun. You can put a picture on your blog and have the audio with it.

    p.s. start with the turkey pic. :)


  2. That sounds like a great project. Some days she's pretty good, so it might happen.
    The photo above was taken in the backyard at our home on Marquette Drive. I don't think we moved out to Leon Valley until I was about 5 yo. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.