Friday, August 26, 2011

Bruno William Schwencke

My grandfather, who I vaguely remember.  I can remember going to their home, but the memories are very fuzzy.  I remember going upstairs into the house, and a detached garage with a room over it that had a bunch of books in it (probably belonged to my grandmother, who was a teacher.)  There was an open lot next to it, lots a trees, very shady. I was only 4 when he died, Mike would have only been 5, so not very clear memories there.

He was quite a dandy in his youth, wasn't he?  I think almost every photo I've seen of him showed him dressed to the nines, even though he was a builder and carpenter by trade.  My dad learned his building skills from his dad and had many of his old school tools.  I hope someone from the family ended up with those beautiful old tools, awls, planers, and drills.  I don't know where they went after the flood.

Bruno William Schwencke
Born March 9, 1883
Died on November 18, 1954
Married to Mary Catherine Russell

Father was Wilhelm Schwencke
Mother was Emma

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  1. Pretty sure Joshua has the tools, dad had all of them after the flood and josh took them after we moved out of the house. They are really cool, he has wanted for a long time to restore them.