Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh, the sights you'll see...

One of the benefits of retirement seems to be that I can poke along at my own pace, which my family and everyone I know will tell you is s-l-o-w....
Went to see my mom yesterday at her retirement apartment and  I poked around until about 10:30am before I decided to go into town.  As I was driving in Pipe Creek, a small hawk flew across the road in front of my car, literally a few feet in front of the trucks front end, carrying a snake in her claws!  It was amazing - something you would see in a nature film!  I thought to myself, "now that's not something you see everyday."
I kick myself for not having my camera in the car.  I usually carry my little Cannon with me, but not today (of course!)  Sadly these pictures aren't mine, but it looks almost exactly what I saw.  It was amazing.
Not more than a few miles further down the road, again, almost directly in front of me, a small fox darted out into the road, picked up a squirrel that had been killed by traffic, turned, and dashed back into the cedar trees, squirrel firmly in mouth! So fast! It was the smallest little fox, but so easy to identify because their ears are so large compared to their bodies.  
It's amazing what you can see when you have time to slow down and look.
Mom was having such a good day yesterday, too.  Wide awake, connected, and able to talk with me a little.  
All in all, an amazing day.  

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