Sunday, July 3, 2011

Movie Review -- Winter's Bone

I'm not sure what drew me to rent this one from Netflix, other than the actress is going to be in an upcoming movie that I'm looking forward to, The Hunger Games.  And, she snagged a nomination as best actress for this role last year. 
I can see why - she plays the utter hopelessness of how life has played her hand throughout several parts of the movie.  
It's set in the Ozark mountains.  Seventeen year old Ree Dolly's father has optioned his home and land as bond for his latest arrest on drug charges, and he's come up missing. Ree's having to virtually raise her two younger siblings since their mother has mentally "checked out" and can't or won't help. Money's non-existent, and they have to live on what they can shoot or what the kind neighbors will provide.  So Ree goes looking for her dad so he can show up for the court date and they won't be chucked out of their home.  
It's depressing and violent.  There's no getting around it.  And it made me want to get up and start cleaning up the yard and house, after seeing the trash and junk piled up in these homesteads. 

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