Monday, June 6, 2011

My daughter is truly awesome!

I'm just amazed at Colleen's drive and ambition -- we went to Austin this weekend to support her in her desire to run the Danskin Tri race, and she really did it!  Our trip was fun, too - a little shopping at IKEA (that's a long walk thru that place).  Then some great Italian at a place that Jeff too us to on Saturday evening. 

We stayed at the same place that we were at for JR and Ashley's wedding, which brought back a lot of great memories of that wonderful event, too!

Then Sunday morning, EARLY, Jeff and Colleen dropped KT off with us in the room (I swear it was before 5am, and she was still fast asleep.)  Meanwhile they went out to check in and get Colleen in line for her first event, the swim in the lake at Walter E. Long park.  We totally missed the swim because we took KT for breakfast before we got out to the park.  But, we got there in time for her bike ride in!  Then she was off to run.  
It was hotter than HELL, I'll tell you.  We hopped from one shade tree to the other with KT, trying to keep her out of the sun as much as we could - I slathered on the sunscreen, too.  She was so good - that little girl knows how to travel - thanks to her parents taking her everywhere!  It's so paid off in her being such a champ.
We got to visit with Sarah, too! She came up from Kyle to cheer Colleen on!  She is looking so good - she and her mom are both working hard and it's showing!
Colleen did so, so, so awesome! And I wish I had taken some pictures - I got a few, but really not very good this trip.  I've included a few here.  Again, Colleen has proven that she is her father's daughter -- we are nothing alike in our likes and dislikes - she is so much like John, it's really so evident!
Proud of you girl!

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  1. Thanks, Mom! Love you guys and thanks for coming out to support me (and help watch KT)!

    We're not COMPLETELY different - afterall, we both enjoy the theater and movies, books, etc. :)