Monday, June 27, 2011

And counting...Four....Three.....

Three more days!
Retirement here I come!

My E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T. co-workers threw me a super retirement party last Thursday.  We met for happy hour at Amorcita's Resturaunt.  They had put together a slide show of our years together (someone found a picture of me in a dress - amazing!), and I got the greatest gift - a full spa day splurge which I plan to take full advantage of once I have no daily schedule at all. (Doesn't that sound great!?)  
Of course, I got the "officially retired" pin, and a few plastic "retired" necklaces, too.  I'll keep those to use when needed.  I now am the owner of a cushey football stadium seat for the UTSA football games this coming fall when they start their freshman season, and I have a (fake) hang tag for parking on campus that declares that I am a very special retired person, and it's green - which at UTSA gives you access to the parking spots right up front.  I wonder if it would fool anyone?
I was very honored that my family came to share this event with me, even Ms. KT!  Finally everyone got to see the little girl I rave about all the time.
Anyway, I feel very loved now, and plan to fad away quietly on Thursday.
They'll be fine - I've been peeking at the applicants for the job and there are some pretty fancy resumes there. I predict that they won't have any problem replacing me!
So now, off to bed so I can wake up on day three!

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