Saturday, May 21, 2011

Movie Review -- Thor

Loved it! Loved it!  
A great way to start the summer, with a real blockbuster!  This reminded me of what a good Saturday afternoon movie adventure should be - very well done and great fun!  

The guy that plays Thor wasn't bad to look at either.  Ha!  Looking forward to the next one, The Avengers, which they tease at the very, very end of the movie, and you have to sit through all of the credits till the very end (not kidding.) If we hadn't been told about this already, we'd have missed it like half the theater audience did that got up and left.  

I confess right now that I wasn't familiar with Thor, didn't read the comic books (I was a Brenda Star fan, or Archie...not these super heroes) but John knew the back story enough to fill me in. I love the swagger that this guy gave Thor, and I guess that's the way he's depicted in the comics, so he did a great job of that.  I don't know about Natalie Portman, she was okay, but I think anyone could have done that role, there wasn't anything special she brought to the roll.  Her little grad student did a much better job of getting the audience's attention - very cute.  Go see it, you won't be sorry!

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