Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What I'm Reading ... Mount Dragon

What I've Read would be the better title here, because I've finished this one this morning on my drive to work!  This is another novel by the pair that wrote The Relic, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.  The topic here is biochemical research and the dangers of genetic manipulation, which was really fascinating.  It got me to thinking about where we're going with our genetic changes to food, cattle, and anything that we eat or ingest.  Very thought provoking!

It also interested me in the desert areas of New Mexico, since that's a state we drive to at least once a year on our ski vacations.  The site of Mount Dragon is near the Trinity site where they tested the first nuclear bomb, and the adjacent Jornada del Muerto desert.  I had to look that up yesterday, I had never heard of it.  The Trinity site sounded familiar, but I think I'd like to see some of this area someday.

Enjoyable read!

From the website at Audible:  "Guy Carson is a brilliant scientist at GeneDyne, one of the world's foremost biochemical companies. When he is transferred to Mount Dragon, GeneDyne's high-security genetic engineering lab, his good fortune seems too good to be true. Carson soon finds that it is. He learns that GeneDyne geneticists are tinkering with a common virus with an eye on the enormous profit to be had from a cure for the flu. Their cure involves permanently altering DNA in humans, and Carson's job is to stabilize the virus. But Carson starts to wonder if this is justifiable, even for the most noble medical cause. Altering genes is a risky job, and the possibility of creating another killer virus is very real. What's more, Mount Dragon harbors another secret that puts the world at horrifying risk."

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