Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What I'm Reading...

I'm finished with Alas, Babylon. 
It was quite a story -- as I said earlier, a "what if" written in 1959 during the cold war period when the United States was worried about nuclear war from Russia. 
I have to say, this book started some good conversations at our home.  Are you old enough to remember the drills in school about what to do in case of an attack?  Duck and Cover!  We used to have to go out into the hallway and sit along the wall with our heads down by our knees.  I have some distinct memories of doing that back in my elementary days.

John and I had a few talks about what the days after a nuclear attack might be like.  At first he said that if a strike happened in San Antonio, we wouldn't have to worry about it because we'd be gone...we're not far enough from the blast radius to survive it.

But further discussions brought up what survival would be like if the strike was further away -- without the amenities that we're so used to once they stopped -- communication, television, radio, electricity, gasoline, HEB!!!! Yikes - I can't go on without my HEB. 

The few inhabitants in this book were lucky to live in a small community in Florida, with a sulphur spring on the property that they used for their citrus groves, access to a river and far enough away from the nearest military base that they were able to survive with only minor issues of fall out.  The small town doctor survived, which was a miracle.  Imagine getting sick without access to health care at all, even a pharmacy.

The author died in 1964.  I believe this was his best and most well-know work, from what I have read about him.  Anyway, it was very enjoyable to find out how these folks survived day-to-day. I highly recommend it!

What to read next?  Any ideas?

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