Monday, January 3, 2011

The time has come....

to take control of my diet again.  I've just been having a great time living life like "regular" people the last year, and the weight has crept back up and up and up.  I can't stand it another minute.  It's time to get myself and my routine and my health under control.  It's so bad, I'm afraid to go to my doctor for my annual check up again until I lose some weight -- I know I'd be in for quite a lecture!
Anyway, it's started today.  I've logged back on Weight Watchers and I'm following the PLAN 100%.

Yesterday I went through the fridge and got rid of all of the holiday stuff, old stuff, full-calorie stuff, and just plain bad stuff.  Today I go to the store and stock up on good-for-you food, for both John and for myself, and I'm dedicated to seeing where this can take me by December 31, 2010.  I'd like to say, on that date, that I've lost at least 70 pounds. 

I have some serious traveling that I'd like us to do in the next few years...and I'd like to be able to hike across a few fiords, some moss covered hills and some hot sand beaches. Right now, I'd have to be carried!



  1. Inspiration: Health, Longevity, & Happiness

    I'm glad you are back on board! Time to make it happen and make it STICK. No diet. Change of lifestyle.

    A brownie is only good for a few minutes. But weight loss and the feeling of happiness lasts so much longer.

    Love you Mom - I'll be helping you keep on track!

    Set small goals, step by step!

  2. Thanks! I always do well the first week or so, so I'll need that support in a month!

  3. We're here for you. So proud of you for diving back in!