Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Aunt Helen

This is my Aunt Helen Schwencke McElvy.  When I found this picture, on the back is says "Patty Girl Legs, eh?" and it's dated July 4th, with a "57" stamped on the bottom.
I was totally prepared to be offended by the "Patty Girl Legs" comment, except that I think she looks quite pretty here, so I decided to be flattered instead.

Aunt Helen died of cancer many years ago.  I wish we had kept better records somewhere.  Does anyone remember when?  I wonder if Mom kept any notes anywhere. 

Helen lived in Montgomery, Alabama, and we visited several times as I was growing up. She called everyone "Honey" in a deep, rich southern accent.  I can remember trying to mimic her when we got back to Texas.  I also remember their home being right next to a golf course, which was really a neat thing for a child to be near.  We would look for lost golf balls in the evenings after the course workers were gone, so we wouldn't get caught on the greens.
I have two cousins somewhere over there.  We've lost touch. 
I wonder if we can find them again.

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