Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas!

 What a wonderful Christmas Day!  
Grammy & Grumpy got to have breakfast hosted by KT and her parents, and we were so blessed to be able to share KT's first Christmas morning!  
KT had received a big red wagon from Santa! She definitely was lovin' it, so it was a BIG WIN for Santa!  She rode all around her house being pulled by Grumpy.  I think we can count on many rides in the future with Grumpy as the horse!

Then everyone came out to our casa for a late lunch.  Before everyone arrived, the Forsythe clan all exchanged our stockings and small gifts.  We had a limit this year since we all agreed to save our money for the annual ski trip coming up.  

But KT really raked it in!  She got a baby doll that is action-activated (once you get the on/off switchy thing figured out!), a car she can ride on or push around, and a boom box complete with several CDs of music she can dance to!

Big treat! We finally got to meet Ms. Ella Wren!  All of about one month old -- she is beautiful! Very pretty head of dark hair, like her parents, and she's gained weight very nicely.  She had the cutest little pudgy hands!!
But, I couldn't get over her nose!  How precious is this - her nostrils are heart shaped!! What a grand coincidence of genetics! Very precious and beautiful!
Grandma and Grandpa Hoyt are totally in love -- and Mari and I are scheming about how we will spoil our granddaughters in the future.After the grandbaby went to sleep, we broke out the Tripoley game. This last picture I'm not quite sure how to caption -- girl with bread stick cigar?! ha!

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