Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Photo of Grandma!

There's a stamp on the back of this photo "Stauffer Photo Service, San Antonio" and a "43".  This is my mother, Rebecca Jo Vahalik Schwencke, and she looks about 15 or 16 here, doesn't she?  My math is fuzzy (as usual) but it seems about right.

Take a look at those snazzy boots!! Wowzer!  She was probably supposed to be out keeping an eye on the turkeys.  That's one of the jobs she always told us was her's on the farm.  Her story was that she was supposed to be watching for varmints (coyotes, wolves, bear, lions, tigers?? wonder what a varmint was?) but she usually spent the entire time reading a book perched up in a tree.  Hopefully the turkeys took care of themselves.

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