Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Update: Well, we did almost everything we planned except go to see the new baby (who finally arrived on Saturday afternoon...she is Ella Ryann Wren, 8 lbs and 13 oz! 
We didn't get the front gate decorated either, but Mom's little accident kinda got in the way (she fell and landed on her nose, two big black eyes, poor thing), so we'll just do that another weekend soon.  Sigh...back to work tomorrow.....

What is everyone doing to fill the 4 days?  We've planned so much, I'm very sure we're not going to get it all done, but we'll sure try.
Wednesday is still a work day, although John will probably get off at about noon.  
On Thursday, John, sister Mary and I are planning an early lunch with Mom, taking her out to eat at Luby's or Cracker Barrel, then we're off to Kyle, Texas, where baby Wren will most likely be introduced to the world sometime that afternoon! Can't wait to see that little girl!
Friday, it's turkey smoking day, fencing day (no, not the sport - the kind with posts, t-posts and barbed wire!) and perhaps Harry Potter day (I hope!) if there's still time.
The Saturday, it's decorate the front gate for the Christmas holiday -- an annual affair that usually is a tug of war and a war of wills between John and I -- very funny to watch! 
Sunday is the annual trip to the Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm where we'll pick out the Forsythe Family Tree...not sure if we'll take it home that day, but we'll definitely pick one.  Jeff and Colleen will be back and will join us for that fun.  KT's first trip to to the Christmas Tree Farm.  Very exciting!  I'm hoping I can talk them into a few other stops at the various antique shops up our way.  Then back to home for dinner.
It's a great start to the holiday season!
I hope you all have a great holiday too!

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