Saturday, October 16, 2010

Movie Review --- Life As We Know It

0kay, you know that there will be a happy ending before you even go into the theater.  There has to be...and the formula was going to be pretty predictable.  But what you don't know is how well the chemistry will be between the main characters.  And I'm happy to report that it was great!!  Very cute, with several dashes of sadness and tears, but well, well done!

Small bit about some marijuana brownies that they could have totally left out if they wanted this to be a cute, family show, but I guess not.  That part was totally unnecessary.  Why do they throw in that kind of nonsense?
One note -- if you're going to put your best friends down in your will as the guardian of your children, should something happen to you, it would be good to ask their permission and make sure it's not a surprise.  Not cool.

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