Monday, September 20, 2010

Vahalik Family Reunion, September 2010

Grand adventure on Sunday.  I've been worried about taking Mom to Yoakum for her family reunion ever since we began to hear about the event several months ago.  I was feeling like it was a "must" since Mom is aging and this may be the last time she will get to see her extended family.  So, Sunday morning I dragged myself out of bed and my sweeter-then-anything husband drove me, Mom and my sister Mary to Yoakum.  We actually arrived in town almost exactly at the correct time, with only one stop at the famous Buckee's along the way.

Mom did fine for a while, and although I knew that she would not remember anyone, I think the constant activity (the absolute BEST turn out that I've seen since I've been going to these things!), the constant hub-bub of noise and voices was way too much for her.  She has a real hard time with questions like, "Do you remember when...?" or "Do you remember me?"  Her automatic answer is "Yes", but in fact she was totally confused.  If you don't keep an arm around her, or on her leg, or hold her hand, she gets up and wanders away, searching for.... I don't know what....We ate a hurried lunch and left at about 1pm, and took her out to see her remaining sister, Leona, and her husband.  That went a little better, although it was raining cats and dogs!!  Stayed only about 1 hour and then started back to San Antonio.

Mom was EXHAUSTED by the time I got her back to her room at about 4:30pm.  I asked her if she wanted to lay down for a while until they came to get her for dinner, and she said "yes" without hesistation.  I believe she was asleep before I even left her room.
Long story short...I don't think she got anything out of the day other than more confused.  I'm glad we took her this one last time, but that is most likely it.  Note to brother and sisters -- she's not really going to be able to get in and out of a truck much longer.  That was really hard for her.  I need to use my car to cart her around for sure.

On the other hand, it was good to see my cousins again!  They all seem to be doing great -- one engaged! (congratulations, Mary B!) -- some gaining more grandchildren -- some recovering from knee surgery (Margaret, stay off of that knee!)  I wish I could have stayed and "caught up" with them more, but Mom was faultering.  Some from Oklahoma (Katie) (and Chris Raska - who is looking more and more like Danny!) and some from Louisiana (Mary B.)  Peter and his wife came in just as we were leaving, so I didn't get to visit with them.  Darn!

I believe that we agreed to have the reunion in other places from now on, not just in Yoakum.  Some people wanted to have it where there were other things for us all to do and see (festivals, parks, etc.) and I kind-of liked that idea.  I think it would attract some of the younger generations.  Margaret was collecting our "wish lists" so I'm sure we'll here more from her in the next year.

As far as pictures... what a dolt I am! I left my good camera at my daughters, so I had to take the little trusty Canon.  Who knew that the battery was low?!! I only got a few pictures before it died on me.  Of course, I totally forgot that I could have taken pictures on my iPhone too.  Dumb!  

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