Saturday, September 11, 2010

Movie Review -- Resident Evil: Afterlife

As I was on my way home after seeing the latest edition of the Resident Evil series, I was thinking... it doesn't really matter what movie critics think about these types of movies. You are either a BIG fan and will go see this movie first weekend, or you're not a fan and nothing anyone will say will make you go. These movies tend to bring in their fan base. I'm definitely one of that group!

Not the best movie in the group, but still great! I'm going to keep watching Alice go after the Umbrella Corporation until Mila can't kick any more!

Definitely not a "zombie" movie, per se. The poor zombies had a back-seat in this movie to the new baddies - a multi-fanged new creature much like the mutant vampires in the old Blade series. And the head of the corporation reminded me much of the Matrix enforcer, Mr. Anderson, but with super powers.

I read this morning that this movie was "a fast train to Monsterville on tracks greased with zombie entrails" and it was all of that!

PS: The flayed zombie dogs are back, but with a vampire twist... watch out, Alice!!

PSS: Yes, they left it open for the next movie....can't wait!!!

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