Sunday, September 26, 2010

The misadventures of John Forsythe.... continues....

Yes, John has added 4 more scars to his already checkered body - on Wednesday morning he had his gall bladder removed.
Tuesday night at about 10 pm he got a serious pain moving from his sternum area down toward his stomach.  He was doubled over in pain, so we quickly went to the Methodist Hospital in Boerne (about 20 minutes from our home.)  The doctor there ordered a sonogram of his liver, bladder and stomach to see what was causing this moving pain.  The tech had to come in from his home (at about midnight) so there was quite a wait, but since John was on morphine by this point, it didn't really matter.  Pain was gone.
Low and behold, the tech found stones in his gall bladder.  John was transported to the Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, where they did surgery at 9am that morning.
Recover is going well, except that he has a nagging pain in his back right side.  I've read up on it and this seems to be a normal thing after gall bladder removal, but I hope he can get it under control soon.  
Now its just a matter of trying to keep him down so that he can heal.  Sigh....


  1. I like your gallbladder hugging an ice cream cone pic, though... I"m guessing that it is a depiction of what NOT to eat?

    Poor dad... ah well - at least one less organ to worry about, right? :) Got to look on the bright side!

  2. Ahh!! That must have been scary to be in so much pain and not know what was causing it!! :( I'm so glad y'all got to the bottom of it and it was a successful surgery!! :) Hope he heals FAST!