Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's wrong with me?!!

I'm addicted to food sites on the internet.  It all started when I ran across this cute site called Epitcute.  They post pictures of pretty, cute, and usually tiny food.  And sometimes they link to the site that they found it on.

Then I go to the link and can spend loads and loads of time just reading and looking at the pictures and recipes.  Then I add them to my Google reader in my "Food Stuff" folder, where I kid you not, I now have 11 different sites that post recipes, pictures of making the recipes, and funny stories about those recipes. I absolutely love them!  

And it's not like I can actually make most of these since I'm usually trying to watch my weight, and John can't eat anything too salty or full of cholesterol, but I just love to look at them.  I may actually be getting an overdose of calories by just doing that.  

I need an intervention!!!!
A couple of my favorite?
Confections of a Foodie Bride
Homesick Texan
The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Use Real Butter

If you find any great sites, send them my way.


No, no, do.
Go ahead.
I promise not to make any of the recipes.

Well, not really.  My fingers were crossed.

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