Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mount Rushmore

We arrived at the park about 7pm because we were told to go for the evening lighting ceremony as it was quite impressive.  Agreed.  We were treated to the Army Band who were there from the time we arrived until the ceremony began at 9pm.  They played a big selection of patriotic, swing and jazz -- very nice!

The ampitheater filled up quickly around 8pm, and at 9pm the park ranger gave a 10 minute talk about the Lewis and Clarke expedition as they played a large part in the creation of the park. 

Then there was a 30 minute movie about the park, the sculptor and his work, and the entire park.  At the very end, the mountain side was lit up with some huge lights, illuminating the faces on the mountain.  Everyone was flashing away, cameras and cell phones were going off like a light show.

Then they asked all veterans, active service members and retirees to come up to the stage (yes, John went up there!) and a boy scout troop that was visiting retired the flag for the night.  It was great!

Of course, getting out of the park afterwards was a pain, but thankfully we were staying only 2 miles away, so we got back to the lodge fairly quickly.  It was a very busy day!

I'll tell you all about Deadwood, Devil's Tower, and Wyoming tomorrow! 

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