Saturday, June 19, 2010

Busy, busy, busy ...

remodeling our bedroom/sitting room.  Could NOT take that beige on beige on beige another minute.  I needed color!! This is called "Ginkho Tree" and it's a deep army green.  Love it.  The room feels like a quiet cave.
Plus, the carpet had taken the worse of our past puppies and my terrible coffee and tea habit.  I promise I'll never buy berber carpet again, it definitely shows every single flaw and stain. I've hated it since we had it installed.  We're putting down laminate )(Pergo) on the floor that we have in the rest of the house and changing the sitting room into an office. 
THEN we're making the current office into the grandchildren's room....assuming KT doesn't have the whole room to herself forever... ???
Anyway, here's the progress so far.

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