Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movie Review -- The Losers

Well, we weren't sure about it, but decided to give it a chance, since we're really not Freddie Krueger fans, and it seemed to be the only other thing worth at least giving a try.  I have to say, it was entertaining.  I'm a FAN of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, hubba hubba!!! It's not going to win any awards, but it's entertaining enough to wile away a Saturday afternoon.  Lots of stuff blowing up, of course.  For a Hollywood who hates guns and violence, they sure do love to blow stuff up. 

Apparently this was a comic book - had never heard of it.  Not surprising since the last comic book I actually read was probably Archie or Brenda Starr - so now you know how old I am! ha! 

We were celebrating our 40th anniversary, which is actually tomorrow, the 2nd of May.  Where has the time gone? We have a sort of tradition of movie/meal out, but our real anniversary celebration is going to be a trip to Brenham, Texas, at the end of the month.  We're going to "see what we can see" over that-a-way.  Looking forward to it!

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