Sunday, April 4, 2010

Movie Review -- Clash of the Titans

Enjoyed it for what it was, about 1-3/4 hours of good old fashioned Saturday afternoon matinee movie going. The action and acting was fine, but there are a few things that I could pick at if I just had to. I really don't have to, but here they are if you are wondering.

Perseus has a shaved head while everyone else in the entire movie has long, braided, felted, curly, crazy, dirty, or snaky hair. It was jolting and irritating to me. It didn't fit. It was distracting to the movie. Did he refuse to have a wig, or what?

I didn't feel like the 3D effect was all that effective in the movie. They seemed to fall back into the old-school tricks of throwing a dagger or spear at the audience (cheesy!) For the additional cost of this type of movie (here in San Antonio we paid $18 for two at a matinee, which is WAY high for our area.) I think it would have been just as good without it. And for that matter, 1-3/4 hours long for a much anticipated, 3D movie was way too short. I felt a little cheated out of the extra 15 to 20 minutes...where did it go?

Just so you know, John disagrees with all of my criticisms, so I may just be picking on the movie. I say go see for yourself. Sam Worthington seems to be going for the "king of 3D" title, doesn't he?

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