Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Were we ever this young?

From our wedding day, May 2, 1970.  Look at those bee hive hairdo's I made those ladies wear. The bridesmaids were in a pale apple green, and the younger girls were in pale yellow.  My mom and I made the dresses, including mine.  I can still remember sewing on each of those little seed-pearls, whew!  I still love the daisies - they look so cheerful to me. 
My sister Mary, John's sister Susan, my high-school friends Donna and Janie, me, John, his dad John was his best man, and our flower girl was John's little second cousin, Yvonne.  That day was and still remains a blur in my mind.  I left my shoes at home and my dad had to drive like a bat-out-of-hell home to pick them up.
We honeymooned at the Fontana Apartment/Motel over on Fredericksburg road for a few days until John got shipped back out to California by the Air Force.  I had to stay with my parents for a few weeks until we could arrange my travel there.  We were as poor as church mice, as I remember, but thought we were living la vida loca!
It's all seemed to have worked out okay, though, almost 40 years later.  I think I'll keep him, afterall.

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