Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The big 3-0!

It's a milestone!  And here's where I deviate to make this "all about me."  My baby is turning 30.  That means that both of my children are now in their 30s.  This makes me officially over-the-hill, right?
Sigh....I think I'll have that mental breakdown now.

But, before I do, here's my very happy, happy birthday wishes to my baby girl.  You are about to embark on the greatest adventure of your lifetime, Colleen.  Having children will change your life in so many, wonderful and spectacular ways.  Enjoy the ride, savor every step, and write names and dates on the back of every picture (ha!!) You'll thank me for that advice later, if you can remember to.  Love you!

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  1. Thank you, Mom :) Love you too! The best part of digital photography is that it records the date for you :D