Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Movie Review --- Avatar

I'm sitting here in stunned amazement.  I left the theater tonight, and drove 35 miles home, and I'm still thinking that I was on an amazing trip to another country.  And I want to go back! 

The special effects and 3-D film process were totally amazing.  I can't get over how very different this was, how real these tall, blue creatures seemed to me, with their own personality and differences.  I totally enjoyed how they incorporated some animalistic behaviors to them, such as "hissing" like a cat.  Very cool. Very different.  I want more!!  Creative bunch of animals and creatures live on the planet of Pandora, too.

If you get the chance to see this in 3-D, don't pass it up.  The experience is amazing.

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  1. We saw it not in 3D and it was still awesome - can't imagine how cool it was IN 3D - must see!