Sunday, November 8, 2009

Birthday 2009!

A happy birthday was had by me!  And, I get to say, "Oh, I'm 50something," for another whole year. 
The crew at UTSA presented me with a cute zombie cake - somebody knows me! We had dinner with the Koenig's on Friday evening (thanks for the delicious Italian, guys!) followed by a special carrot cake made from scratch. 
I got to hold a tiny baby (Colleen and Jeff's neice), which was nice.  Nice gifts which included A NETBOOK!!! I still can't believe I got one! I got a snuggie (don't judge me!) and GIJoe (go, Joe!) video.  I also got a year's subscription to the golden EIB mic of RUSH LIUMBAUGH (I know -- you're jealous!) and I'll be receiving a couple of trees for the yard from the Arbour Society in a few weeks.  I know, I'm so spoiled.

On Saturday John and I went to see Zombieland (finally) at the Alamo Drafthouse, which was fun.  There's a whole Bill Murray scene that could have been left out, but otherwise kinda cute.  Lots of those fast moving, speedy Zombies in this movie.  I do hope if we ever have a zombie invasion that they are the slow moving, shambling type.  I don't really move that fast...

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  1. Happy birthday :)

    I did like Zombieland including the dry zany moments.